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QB Kraftz Ice Engine

Make Crystal-Clear, Big Ice in a
Variety of Shapes


These easy-to-make cocktails will amaze your family and friends. Check out a few time-tested classics and elegant award-winners.


Cocchi Rosa, tequila, bitters, and sugar

The Sophia is an amazing new cocktail designed to credit the feeling of being kissed by Sophia Loren, the classic Italian-American actress. It has won world-class awards at the Diageo World Class Competition. Served best with QB Kraftz Rose ice.


Elyx vodka, Cocchi Americano, lemon, and
apple water

Looks like smokey bourbon but is light and refreshing to the taste (due mostly to the light, fresh Cocchi Americano fortified wine). Served best with QB Kraftz Skull ice.


Whiskey, bitters, and sugar

This classic cocktail is made by muddling sugar, bitters, and whiskey with a choice of garnish (usually cherry or citrus). It's named after the glass it was first built in and is a classic masculine cocktail, worth making (and enjoying) many times to ensure the best recipe. Serves best with Sports ice - a hockey puck, football, or basketball.


It's important that your pregnant party guests or little ones get to enjoy classic drinks with awesome ice.

Here are a few mocktail recipes tailor-made for QB Kraftz ice

Ginger Rose Fizz

Rose syrup, lemon juice, ginger juice, and
club soda

This gorgeous, refreshing drink is beautifully spicy and floral, and works perfectly on Valentine's Day or other celebratory life moments. Pair it best with QB Kraftz Rose ice.

Raspberry Rose

Raspberry, rose water, lemon, and sugar

An exciting soda that's sure to impress your underage guests. Make it memorable with QB Kraftz sphere ice and frozen raspberries.

Looking for more QB Kraftz recipes? Every purchase includes free access to the best
app for cocktail making.

QB Kraftz Ice Engine

Make Crystal-Clear, Big Ice in a
Variety of Shapes

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