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Get every bartender's secret weapon for cocktail-
quality, crystal-clear ice in amazing shapes

QB Kraftz Ice Engine

Make Crystal-Clear, Big Ice in a
Variety of Shapes


This is ice made to impress

  • Patented to ensure best quality ice
  • Insulated to ensure purity
  • Slow freeze ensures clarity
  • Hundreds of shapes available
  • Fast and portable, best for cocktail parties

STOP SETTLING FOR MEDIOCRE DRINKS Great drinks start with great ice

QB Kraftz ice cools your drinks and makes flavors more enjoyable by mixing with your spirits and ingredients.

But too often, it picks up flavors and odors from your freezer, tarnishing your drinks and ruining your parties.

QB Kraftz's patented technology includes thick insulation that keeps smells and odors from contaminating your ice.

Best of all, it was designed to produce crystal-clear, pure ice in the most amazing shapes to give your drinks and cocktails that extra sparkle.


Professional mixologists and bartenders use molds contained in QB Kraftz to
create large, crystal-clear ice.

These mini sculptures are slow-melting, crystal-clear, and designed to make your
cocktails extra special.


Here's how QB Kraftz works

Using QB Kraftz in Four Easy Steps

  • Boil and cool your
    filtered water.

  • Pour your cooled water
    into selected mold

  • Place the QB Kraftz
    Engine into the freezer.

  • Pop out ice and make
    your cocktails

It’s Not Hard to Make the Best Drinks.
Here, Let Us Show You

You used to have to be a professional mixologist to get the best tasting cocktails, but thankfully, this is no longer the case! With QBKraftz anyone can craft the best drinks to impress their friends or colleagues. Don’t believe us? It’s true. QBKraftz makes making cocktails SO EASY! Check out this how-to video if you’re still a little skeptical.

QB Kraftz Molds Make More than Crystal-Clear Ice

The QB Kraftz engine is amazingly versatile, even allowing you to freeze dairy or dairy substitutes to take your drinks to new levels. You can self-explore or follow some of these recipes for specialty ice.

Dairy and Substitutes

It's easy to freeze almond milk or cream using QB Kraftz. They're perfect for making amazing summer treats like big-ice coffee cocktails.


Simply take fresh fruit, berries, or herbs and place them inside the mold and then fill with water. Follow the normal recipe and you will have your lemon, lime, basil, or mint frozen within your big ice.

What Our Customers Had to Say
About QB Kraftz

Jesse K. – Verified Buyer

I really thought a great drink was fridge ice and a little shake. Ice makes the drink, and QB Kraft patents let you make big clear ice that is like freshly cut ice out of a glacier. 100% pure. Best cocktails.

Ellen B. – Verified Buyer

I was part of first-generation preorder. They beat their ready dates and I was amazed how fast I received my product. I am looking forward to this next issue and all the great shapes coming monthly.

Josh K. – Verified Buyer

Lets face it, when you make a drink you end up drinking the ice. Fridge ice from the regular dispenser is small, cloudy and often smelling of what’s in the freezer. This company is on a mission to make the best ice for cocktails and they have delivered so far.

QB Kraftz Ice Engine

Make Crystal-Clear, Big Ice in a
Variety of Shapes

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